Water quality determines the quality of life


floWorks company specializes in the implementation of complex projects for the supply of industrial equipment for urban wastewater treatment plants, local treatment facilities, housing and communal services, industrial enterprises, laboratories, environmental monitoring, research and regulatory authorities.

Our mission is to find quality solutions to our clients' needs. We are constantly expanding the list of supplied equipment. We will be glad to mutually beneficial cooperation with new business partners.

Main directions:


Equipment for automated, programmed (date, time) water sampling. It is possible to activate the work of the sampler in manual mode. Also, through the digital interface, communication with other technological equipment involved in the production process is possible.


Equipment for determining the quality of ground, natural and waste water by means of quantitative and qualitative analysis of the content of controlled parameters in the measured environment.


Control and measuring equipment for determining water consumption in water supply and sewerage systems. Depending on the place of installation, we use flanged flow meters, as well as measuring systems with clamp-on and water sensors. Depending on the type of flow we use: pressure and non-pressure systems.


Individual entrepreneur

Davidovich Andrey


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